Better Living through Bitter Melon: A Manual

A National Bitter Melon Council Publication, 2010


In 2010 the National Bitter Melon Council published its first ever book titled, Better Living through Bitter Melon: A Manual, a how-to book that touches on the flavor, the emotion, and the philosophy of Bitter Melon.


Untitled from Andi Sutton on Vimeo.

The manual is a combination recipe book, farmer’s almanac, Fluxus performance kit, and documentation strategy. Created with the help of a group of graphic design students from the Art Institute of Boston, this piece is a nine-section introduction to the work of the council, one that can be used to seed chapters of The National Bitter Melon Council anywhere it is used. The manual advances the belief that everyone can use Bitter Melon to build community and promote understanding across – and in fact, because of – difference and foreignness. With this ethos of inclusivity and a healthy helping of enthusiasm for the literal and symbolic use of Bitter Melon, the NBMC began a national seeding tour in 2011. With public meetings and events, the goal is to spread the practices we’ve developed that support community building, healthful and sustainable food systems, and the construction of real and conceptual bridges that promote increased understanding of self and other through whimsy, creativity… and bitterness.

Better Living through Bitter Melon: A Manual was created in a limited edition of 250.

It can be used by anyone and everyone. Use it to create your own chapter of The National Bitter Melon Council, include it in your institution’s library, add it to your collection of art books or apply these community development strategies to your own work.

Contact me for more information and to order a copy.